Processing Reinforcing Steel

Today there are no constructions without processed concrete steel

MAIRON is at the forefront of builders

Department of processing reinforcing steel from MAIRON include the following technological directions:

Cut-to-Length of Thick Reinforcing Steel


Raw material: Reinforcing Steel bars (OB37, PC52, BSt500, B500B/C), in the length of max. 12m

Executed operations: Cut-to-length

Finite product: Bars cut to predefined lengths

Dimensional range of the cut bars:

  • Diameters: 16 – 50 mm
  • Lengths: 600 – 11200 mm

Bars bending

MAIRON has the following machineries: ROBOMASTER and PERMATICx2

Raw Material:

  • Straight reinforcing steel bars (OB37, PC52, B500B/C)
  • Straightened and cut bars (from the machinery type COIL, PRIMA or TWINMASTER)
  • Cut bars with variable lengths (from the machinery type SHEARLINE and MINISHEARLINE)

Executed Operations: Bending bars at both sides (4 directions)

Finite Product: Bent bars or Stirrups

Dimensional Range:

  • Diameters: 6 – 40 mm
  • Maximum work length: 12 m

Shape of the Stirrups: According to the drawing

Manufacture of stirrups and bending bars

MAIRON has the following machineries: EURA 16, PRIMA 12, COIL 16, TWINMASTER 16, MINI SYNTAX 16HS, FORMAT 14 HS, MINISYNTAX 3D16HS

Raw Material: Reinforcing steel in coils (OB37, PC52, B500B/C), weight of max. 3 tons and diameters between 8 – 16 mm

Executed Operations:

  • Straightening and cutting to length (max 12m)
  • Straightening, bending at one side, cutting to length and bending the other side
  • Straightening and executing stirrups

Finite Products:

  • Straightened and cut reinforcing bars
  • Straightened and cut reinforcing bars at one or both ends
  • Stirrups

Dimensional Range:

  • Diameters: 8 – 16 mm
  • Length of bars: max. 12 m
  • Shape of stirrups and bent bars: according to the drawing

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