Mechanical cutting of long metallurgical products

Raw materials: Round steel / flat/ square, seamless pipes/ welded, hot rolled profiles Finite products: Long metalurgical products cut to length Dimensional range for cut products: Diameter/ side: max. 400 mmLength of processed products: min. 14 mm

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Processing Reinforcing Steel

Today there are no constructions without processed concrete steel MAIRON is at the forefront of builders Department of processing reinforcing steel from MAIRON include the following technological directions:

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Slitting lines

Slitting line BSL 2.00 Slitting line BSL 6.00

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Oxygas and Plasma cutting

MAIRON‘s processing capacity of sheets and plates by oxygas and plasma cutting is 6000 tons per year Oxygas and plasma cutting machines situated in Bucharest: OXY 40 – for oxygas cutting (max. 300 mm thickness) OXY 30 – for oxygas cutting (max. 300 mm) and plasma cutting (max. 15 mm)…

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Cut to length

Cross-Cutting line CTL 12mm Găeşti

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Blasting and Primer

MAIRON Cleans Steel Surfaces for the benefit of the customers Blasting and Primer Line – Bucharest, Romania Raw material: Hot Rolled Heavy Plates, Thickness : 6 – 200 mm Hot Rolled Profiles, Dimensions: UNP 65 ÷ 400; INP 65-400; HEA/HEB/HEM/IPE 80 ÷ 1000 Equal Angles, dimensions: 30x30x3 – 200x200x20 mm…

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