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Steel Plates
Mairon offers Hot Rolled Steel Plates, Hot Rolled Steel Sheets cut from Coils, Cold Rolled Steel Sheets, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheets, Wrinkled Sheets, Corrugated Sheets. The Steel Grades which Mairon can offer comply with different destinations: constructions, pressure purposes, steel with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance, abrasion steel, fine grain steel for metallic constructions, or other destinations.
Steel Coils
Mairon can offer wide Hot Rolled Steel Coils, Cold Rolled Steel Coils, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils, and Cold / Galvanized Steel Strips with minimum width 72 mm. The Steel Grades for steel coils are fit for the following uses: constructions, steels with low carbon content for re-rolling, steels for pipes, fine grain steels for welded constructions, steels for pressure purposes.
Mairon can offer to their beneficiaries a large range of dimensional profiles: - Hot Rolled Steel Profiles (INP; IPE; HEA; HEM; UNP; Angles); - Cold Formed Profiles. The Steel Grades of these profiles are fit for structural construction purposes. On request, Mairon can deliver special types of profiles or profiles with specified state of delivery.
Steel Bars
Mairon has in stock Steel Bars, i.e. Round Steel Bars, Square Steel Bars, Flat Steel Bars, Hexagonal Steel Bars; all these bars can be of structural steels, case hardening steels, heat treatment steels, tool steels, ball bearing steel, or other steel grades for special destinations. The Steel Bars can be delivered in states of delivery according to the manufacturing process (rolled, forged, drawn), or with different heat treatment, respective different surface aspect, according to the norms or on request.
Reinforcing Steel
Mairon offers Reinforcing Steel in coils and / or bars (plain or deformed) in the technical delivery conditions according to Romanian Standard STAS 348-1, or according to the other norms agreed by the producer. The Production and Processing Mairon Center has processing lines for coils or bars of reinforcing steel, resulting in a large range of shapes and dimensions of processed products (bended bars; cut to length bars; stirrups).
Mairon offers pipes / tubes in the large range of dimensions for different destinations: Structural cold formed hollow sections, Seamless circular steel tubes for mechanical purposes, Seamless / Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes, Steel pipes for pipelines, Steel tubes for precision applications.
Stainless Steel
Mairon offers from stock austenitic stainless steel products (without titanum) as follows: Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Plates, Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheets, Stainless Steel Pipes, Stainless Steel Bars, Stainless Steel Profiles. On request, Mairon can deliver any steel grade of stainless steel products: austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, or duplex Stainless Steel.
Welding Steel Meshes
Mairon can sell usual and special panel-shaped Welded Steel Meshes, made from drawn wire rod and deformed wire rod. The Steel Mashes are used for structural reinforcing.