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The companies MAIRON Galaţi S.A. and MAIRON TUBES S.R.L. were established in 1994, and have an area totaling 443,000 sqm, of which over 120,000 sqm covered, intended for the production, processing and storage of metallurgical products.

MAIRON companies sell metallurgical products from seven logistics centers with complete facilities in Galaţi, Bucharest, Găeşti, Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi, Jebel-Timişoara, Craiova.

MAIRON companies have business partners from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Holland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary, etc. .

In the MAIRON stock there are permanently over 140,000 tons of metallurgical products, which allows the fast delivery with its own fleet of 52 trucks.

Through its national warehouses, MAIRON offers the widest range of metallurgical products from its own production and from other manufacturers, in order to meet the clients’ requirements as best as possible.

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